Welcome to Launch Day at The Spark List!

Welcome to The Spark List


How it all started:

On a warm morning in April, Lolita Carrico and Summers McKay sat outside looking at the ocean in Santa Monica and thought, “Hey, we should start something together!” This is how many great partnerships start.

As Strategic Growth Consultants with separate businesses, a lot of time being entrepreneurs and a heavy dose of reality checking with their clients, Lolita and Summers were clear that there was a need in the market. Entrepreneurs, consultants and independent contractors needed access to very real information about how to better run their businesses. With a collective experience of more than five decades, they decided to pool their coaching strategies, marketing plans, financial templates, and all the tools that they shared with their clients – and make them available via and easily accessible, fun and empowering online magazine called, The Spark List.

So now, it is The Spark List launch day!

What you find here is the product of just a few short months of very intense and exciting collaboration with the promise of much more to come.

  • You will find our interview series 5 Questions that Spark with entrepreneurs that inspire.
  • You can find great Fundamentals with topics covering collaboration, swot analysis, and marketing strategies among many other topics.
  • Have fun browsing our Must Haves for products that Lolita and Summers love and some of our favorite brand partners.
  • Enjoy Tools of the Trade if you are looking for the right application or tool for your business and see what Spark Listers prefer.
  • And find Motivation and enjoy exploring more on the Lifestyle of entrepreneurs, independent consultants, and contractors.

We want your feedback to know how to make The Spark List a tool for you and your clients. Please join in our community on our early stages of Facebook (facebook group coming soon) Instagram and coming soon Pinterest and YouTube. Grow with us and let us help to spark your next great idea or opportunity!

Welcome to The Spark List! 

What You Deserve - Independence, Creativity, Autonomy and Joy - Is Why We Work.


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