Did someone tell you to get a Business Coach? Yeah – us too. Guess what, they can be super valuable for you, as long as you know what to expect and are prepared for the guidance they can offer.

As entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and independent contractors – it’s very easy to get stuck in the mud of the unknowns, the to-dos, the yet to be accomplish’ds, and the so, what’s nexts? of our businesses. You may find yourself in the seemingly ironic position of needing a consultant or coach to help you with your consulting or coaching business. Here’s the deal, the very best of the best – all need their own cadre of advisors. So, let’s take a minute to help you figure out what you need most for your business to grow and if a Business Coach is the right next step.

What is a Business Coach?

A coach is someone who will help you hone the skills you have, help you identify the skills you need to grow, and give you perspective on ideas you bring to the table. She is someone who will help you understand your next business moves, help you sort out team opportunities, and most definitely help you uncover personal barriers that may be restricting your growth.

What Makes A Good Coach?

A good Business Coach is most likely someone who has had actual training in the process of Entrepreneur or Business Coaching. Experience is key when it comes to being able to put your faith in a Business Coach. She may have experience teaching at an academic institution, or have worked in business development. She will be a determined advocate of Goal Setting and ensure that you keep your conversations focused on the bigger picture – and how the smaller things relate to the big picture. You should leave your time with a coach ensuring you have tactical action steps and clear intentions and deliverables prior to your next conversation.

Business Coaches often charge based on retainers with a set amount of time face to face each month. You can expect to spend 2 – 4 sessions of 90 minutes with them over the course of a month. One SUPER RED FLAG for Sparklisters are coaches that offer only 60 minute meetings. We believe that you must not only have an hour with your coach, as there must be time to fully flesh out your conversation and the sixty minute business coaches often leave you frustrated.

(Please note, this does not apply to Life Coaching – as that’s a totally different gig and an hour can be plenty.)

What should I pay them?

Business Coaches have a range of costs based on experience and the level of companies they work with. When you are considering investing in a Business Coach, identify the amount you can spend every month for a period of 3 – 6 months without overly straining your business, but make sure the engagement costs enough that you will make it a priority. For some that is finding the right coach for $595 a month and for others that’s investing $2,500 or more per month.

OK, got it – So now what?

The following is one of our many diagnostic list of questions – we offer here at The Spark List! For those of you that are Power Sparks, you are well versed in the method of self / business discovery. If you have just come across this article by way of a well indexed google search (because that’s sort of our expertise) here is our Spark List article on how to take on this inquiry.

Do I Need A Business Coach?

  • What do I want to get out of a Business Coach? Am I looking for guidance on overall business strategy – or do I need a specific level of expertise that I am currently missing?


  • Have I taken the time to recognize my own personal goals and how they align with my business goals – and am I ready to discuss them with another person? Am I willing to discuss them openly and frankly?


  • Am I willing to commit the time needed to not only have in-depth discussions with my coach, but do the work prior to our conversations to show up ready to dive deep?


  • What can my business afford to pay a Business Coach and for how long? Am I prepared for a 3 – 6 month commitment with my coach?


  • How have I worked with other advisors and coaches in the past? What made those collaborations successful or unsuccessful?  Do I have hang-ups that may prevent me from truly hearing the strategic thoughts of my coach?

Spark List founders, Lolita Carrico and Summers McKay both offer Business Coaching and if you are interested in working with them for some quality One on One time, submit your inquiry here: CONTACT US



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