Law of Attraction Daily Planner - Deluxe Day Calendar and Gratitude Journal to Increase Productivity, Happiness & Time Management - Non Dated, A5 Rose Gold Hardcover + Bonus Stickers

Spark List Must Have: Law of Attraction Daily Planner – Deluxe Day Calendar and Gratitude Journal to Increase Productivity, Happiness & Time Management

Planners planners everywhere and not a moment to think! The Law of Attraction Daily Planner is about to change that.

I’ve tried about 100 different planners over the years. The 7 Healthy Habits planner was probably my first planner at the ripe old age of 13 – and ever since then, I’ve been addicted to these little books of time management, goal alignment, and the opportunity to doodle like a boss. (I went through an exclusive Purple Pen phase 2010 – 2015)

There was a brief period of time in early 2017 that I was determined to go all digital and it was a mess! The missed meetings, the uncertainty of what I needed to accomplish, the lost to-do’s – YIKES!!! The chaos of parenting, plus entrepreneuring, plus being a friend/wife/daughter, a pet parent, and a strategic coach – made it clear to me, I needed a new planner – and it wasn’t going to be a digital one. So the hunt began.

After a few fits and starts with other books, I landed on the Freedom Mastery Law of Attraction Daily Planner and it was love at first flip. This particular planner is great for entrepreneurs and consultants who are building their businesses from the heart, with goals that aren’t just monetary. Through a series of self guided inquiry and weekly check ins along with a highly functional daily, weekly and monthly overview – using this journal really has helped me get clear on what I want and need to do to accomplish it. It’s a lovely looking piece and easy to fit in a purse and carry about – but not so small it disappears.

You can order the undated version here – any time of year – or get the dated versions when they are relased 2 / 3 times a year. Mine is a July to July book – because well I’m a summer girl after all. Prices vary on which one you order, but the $29.95 on Amazon one here on Amazon is top notch – and well worth the investment.

My favorite part of this Spark List Must Have is the 50 goals you get to draft at the beginning of the planner. 50 goals is some serious goal setting. At first, mine were pretty simple – re-launch my skincare product business Love Summers in the next 12 months, secure 15 new Strategic Growth clients for my coaching practice, earn recurring monthly income of $25,000 by Q4, have a new healthy baby by 41, be a great mom to my kids, make out with my husband more…. But after going through the basics…. I had to stretch.

OK – so seven down, what’s next? Let’s see – Open an office in Santa Barbara, feel entirely loved by myself, increase my spiritual practice, podium at a triathlon, climb Kilimanjaro again, Scuba Dive regularly, Donate $50k to Planned Parenthood, Secure 100k in Speaking Engagements, Fund 100 Scholarships / Year for Undergraduate Education in Impact Business….

This is getting serious, wait – I still have 25 more???? Ok – keep going, Buy a boat and name it the Love Summers, spend a month on an island, give my book to 10,000 people, donate $500k to pediatric cancer cure research, fund an elephant preserve.

The glorious freedom of being able to Dream Big and think Bigger is one of my favorite parts of this Law of Attraction planner. Remember to call in what you want! So now, whenever I am a little on the frustrated side – I remember, there are elephants out there and they need my help – so let’s get to it!

Freedom Mastery Law of Attraction Daily Planner – $29.95 at


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