Spark List Must Have: iRobot Roomba


I’ve been a Roomba fan since they first hit the market in 2002. I was a new mom running two businesses at the time. When iRobot approached me to test out their new robo-vacuum, I couldn’t have said, “YES!” any faster than I had. The device was the closest thing to The Jetsons’ Rosie I could find and was a lifesaver. My Spark List co-founder Summers is also a Roomba fan – with two teens, a dog, a cat and a new kitten, her Roomba is practically a family member because of how much they rely on it. It even has a name, Rudy.

Since there are so many models to choose from now, I used a handy “Help Me Choose” tool on the iRobot website to select the right model for my house. I ended up with the Roomba 960. Can I tell you how amazing technology is? In 2002, I was blown away that the Roomba could navigate around and clean the floor. Today, I can schedule it to run without needing to be there to manually press start. I can use the Roomba app to set it to run when I’m not at home, customize my cleaning preferences, tell it where to focus or areas to avoid, and it works with Alexa so I can tell her to start or pause the Roomba too.

Since my older son and I suffer from seasonal allergies and occasional dog hair sensitivity (and I have a dog I love!), the daily vacuuming and high-efficiency filters help keep the sniffles and red eyes away.

While the 960 model is a bit pricey at $629, the starter Roomba 614 is $249 and just as effective but without the scheduling and remote capabilities.

So now, do we name our Roomba too? Let me know of any suggestions in the comments below.

iRobot Roomba – starting at $249 on


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