Spark List Must Have: Omoton Phone Stand


Since my desk is essentially my second home, I tend to get quite particular about how to decorate my workspace. My desk is a combo of glam, fun and functional. Today, I’m focusing on my favorite functional desk accessory – my phone stand. This handy stand from OMOTON comes in array of colors (note: we have a strong affinity to rose gold around here lately) however this simple little accessory makes a huge difference since I’m constantly looking at my screen for one reason or another.

As luck would have it, when we were discussing our next Spark List Must Have via our daily Zoom call, Summers and I BOTH picked up this handy little phone stand simultaneously and laughed out loud. Yep, we both have it and she admitted that she not only has one in her home office but also in her co-work space. This is an absolute time saver – you don’t ever have to look for your phone.

It works perfectly for my iPhone and Summers’ Samsung – and would be apropriate for pretty much any other phone you might have. What makes it really great is the easy way to charge your phone through the lovely little portal in the back and the no-slip, no scratch base cover. It also seems to be pretty durable as it has lasted me through a home office move, got lost for a few weeks while we were unpacking, and was almost replaced before I found it in tact in the missing office box.

This $9 gadget became the envy of my home – so now both my sons and partner have their own at their desks (although, theirs are silver instead of our Spark List Rose Gold)

The company also makes a larger model to accommodate tablets.

Omoton Phone Stand – $8.99 at Amazon


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