You’ve found your way to The Spark List and you are beginning to realize that you are NOT ALONE in your journey to an independent, joyous, and fulfilling career as a consultant, entrepreneur, or independent contractor! You are happy to discover that there are real women out there actually making money and living lives without being in the corporate grind. Bravo! We are proud of you and that’s why we have created The Spark List.

The Spark List is an online magazine and resource created by two women who know what it is to be an entrepreneur. Through The Spark List, we share the strategic tools, choices, and ideas behind how we both left the corporate world, created our own successful consulting businesses, developed long term contracts, successfully sold online products and live the life we love, with independence, autonomy, creativity and joy. 

The resources available in The Spark List go deep, are thought provoking, and could be overwhelming if used improperly. We ask a lot of questions of you on your journey to success, and we want to protect you from overwhelm. If at any point you find yourself stressed, keypad deep, and bleary eyed in one of our Self Inquiry Questionnaires, take a deep breath and come back here to remember how we want you to use The Spark List.

  1. One Bite at a Time
    Do not put yourself through the misery of trying to answer all these questions in one sitting. Take them one idea or thought at a time, and if a question doesn’t work for you – move on! Do not get bogged down in minutia. We have a rule around here – if you are stuck on anything for twenty minutes or more – DROP IT until later. That’s not the bite you need to chew right now.
  2. Free-writing Journal Time – Or text to voice if that’s your thing
    Another Spark List Rule – 100 bad words are better than no good ones. Momentum is key when you are creating opportunity for yourself and we strongly encourage you to pull out a journal, pull up a blank google doc, or open your voice to text and spill out the thoughts in your head. It’s one part word clouding, one part journaling, and one part release.
  3. Ask A Friend To Talk Through Something With You
    Our friends can be our best allies. Shocking news, but they can be mentors, advisors, and not just wine buddies. If you find yourself wanting to take yourself through a Spark List questionnaire, but not able to prioritize it – print it out and set a biz brainstorm date with someone you enjoy being around. Talk through the questions together. Don’t do this alone.
  4. Progress Not Perfection
    Remember, every day in your journey as an entrepreneur, independent contractor, or consultant builds on the last. You will never ever ever wake up one day – being perfect – without having made progress the day before. We are with you and the tools we offer are here to help you get where you want to go!

Alright people, let’s get your Spark List going!



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