5 Questions that Spark is our way of getting to know some amazing entrepreneurs and people who inspire us at The Spark List. Entrepreneurs get to select five questions from a list of fifteen to answer in our interviews.

We recently came across an inspiring humanitarian entrepreneur with a business vision as follows:

Who We Are: We are journalists, storytellers, humanitarian experts, technologists and designers coming together for a mission a mission to share the stories that matter the most. In One Minute started with one person with a clear mission and vision. We are capturing stories, “one woman at a time, one minute at a time,” and aim to empower them with technology along the way.

Elle_Toussi - Entrepreneur, Story Teller, and Humanitarian Innovator

and it became immediately clear, we needed to learn her Sparks. Here is our conversation with the inspiring founder of In One Minute, Elle Toussi.

Spark List: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Elle: Storytelling is a very powerful medium that can drive an audience to action. At least, that is the hope of any storyteller of their work. When I returned from gathering the stories of women and children in the Middle East, I knew I wanted to facilitate a way to bridge the disconnect happening to the stories from that region and the audience that was watching the news. I shared a story once of a young child that lost his family during the war in Syria and the first question I was asked was, “What can I do to help?” and that is what I hope In One Minute will be. Stories that matter and providing the technology that matters to empower women globally.

Spark List: What made you choose this type of business?

Elle: I’d like to think this type of business chose me. Sometimes, you can wait your whole life before you find a passion project. Acting on it and pursuing it is a big risk if there are so many unknowns. Luckily for me, I love challenges and I genuinely enjoy problem-solving. Also, I don’t give up. Putting all these elements together, you can see why I was chosen and I answered the calling to do some good.

Spark List: Is there anything you needed to let go of in order to get where you are today?

Elle: Perfection. I’m doing my best to make sure I own my imperfects. Most importantly, I make sure I am very aware of my strengths and my weaknesses. By embracing my weaknesses, I am able to team up with and bring people on board that is needed to get things done.

Spark List: What is your favorite piece of advice you have ever received?

Elle: Many years ago when I met one of the eldest Bedouin women in Wadi Rum, Jordan I received one best “words of wisdom” that I still hold true today. In my excitement, I asked her many questions. About five questions in, I remember her putting her hand on mine and telling my friend that was translating the following statement:

“I consider you like my daughter. But remember that sometimes you will ask questions when you are not ready for the answer. Make sure you become so self-aware, that when the answer does present itself you are ready.”

Spark List: Where will your next Spark come from?

Elle: If I stick true to the advice I was given years ago by the Bedouin woman, I will be ready to embrace and acknowledge the next spark that comes down my path. I am not as concerned where my Spark will come from as I am acknowledging that it is a Spark and celebrating the small victories along the way.


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